David Jones Pipes

I started making pipes in 1986. Since 1988, when I began selling, I have shipped more than 2000 pipes. These pipes are handmade from extra quality plateau briar. I purchased a lot of briar in the early years. Thus I have maintained briar stocks far beyond my immediate needs. This means that I do not have to wonder about the provenance of my wood. My briar is stored in a controlled environment for several years, then brought into the shop for final curing 5 to 7 years before use.
David Jones pipemaker Each pipe is carefully hand shaped. Internal drilling of both the shank and the stem features tapering at the mortise and stem tenon as well as the lip, for just the right draw and smokeability. The stem logo is a mother-of-pearl dot. Each pipe is marked with my signature, handmade, USA, grade and year of manufacture. All pipes are handmade by me from design to final buff.
My grading system consists of a hand rusticated finish followed by five smooth grades. All shapes are also made in XL and Colossal sizes.

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